Tuesday, May 16, 2006

corners of my house

Several months ago a project was started by Soulemama called Corners of My House. I didn't really have a blog back then, so, even though I'm really late to the party, I thought I'd jump in now.

Most of the time I look around my house and just see the gazillions of things that need to be done, so I really like the idea of focusing on the small areas that really please me. I thought the end result might be that I'd realize that my house was actually much more charming than the image of it I have in my mind. Sadly, it had quite the opposite effect.
My house is generally rather messy and it's always very crumbly (falling plaster, water marks on the ceiling, peeling wallpaper, chipped paint, etc...), and yet I somehow managed to convince myself that my task would actually be easy. There are lots of places in my home where we've somewhat artfully assembled stuff that we think is really cool, so I thought I'd just pop over to one of them with camera in hand, do a wee bit of photo styling, and - TAA DAA - I'd have an image that I'd be proud of.
It turns out that I've actually been looking at my home through rose-colored glasses, because apparently it's much, much worse than I thought. Even the little areas that I think of as oases of perfection were in states of unphotogenic disrepair. So, as you look at this picture, try to ignore the water stains on the wall and the rust on the cabinets.
Instead, think about Cheery Pink! Little Birdies! Pretty Lights!


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