Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Friday Favorite

My new favorite thing? Having my time sucked away as I gaze at Etsy's Time Machine 2.
Have you ever noticed that everything seems more appealing when it's in someone else's shopping basket? TM2's "just sold" section shows you the last 1000 things that were sold on Etsy. When I see something I really like, I go to the seller's store to see if they have more of whatever it was - or maybe something else I like even more. This way I can blow through money as well as time! It's great!
Here are some of my finds:

These soaps are from Haunt. Their descriptions sound even yummier than they look. I was on the verge of buying some when I realized the attraction might have been mainly because I was hungry. I put them in my favorites folder to consider at another time when I was better nourished.
I just ate dinner, and they still look good to it wrong that I want to eat soap?
This pendant is from Imogen. It's really cute and has a great price. Added bonus: I'm not even remotely tempted to eat it.

I'm quite amazed by Curster's minions. Their faces are adorable, and their construction looks so complicated it makes my head hurt. She sells some cool looking prints too.
I've long thought I could use a minion of my own. I'm not sure this one would do my bidding, but it seems worth a try.


Blogger Sister said...

I'm so very beyond current with this comment...anyway, I find it not wrong at all to be tempted to eat soap. But, then, I am always tempted to try glass beads--they look like candy!

3:39 PM, November 12, 2008  

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