Monday, June 23, 2008

Pendants Pending

I've been working on some pendants in my studio, having fun testing out materials, pens and designs.
Well, to be more accurate, it was intermittent fun and frustration because my drawing skills have gotten really rusty. I hate it when I have something in my head, and I realize that it's going to be a long learning process before I can bring it out of there.
My skinny pen died while working on that one of Mr. William Morris Minor, so production has pretty much stopped until my much anticipated Rapidographs arrive. I specifically mention these pens by name because the website says they're the sign of a serious artist, and I want you all to take me VERY seriously.

random aside: doesn't the one on the right look like it should say "Pow!!" or "Blammo!"?


Anonymous kirsten said...

I love that pendant! It conveys so much about that rabbit--just delightful!

2:43 AM, June 24, 2008  
Blogger Gina said...

These are adorable. I may have to commission you to do one of Snickers.

11:52 AM, June 30, 2008  

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