Friday, May 19, 2006

wardrobe refashionista

I just made my first post at Wardrobe Refashion '06. I'm pretty new to blogging in general, and that was my first post to a group blog. I had a fear that I was going to make a formatting error and do something like post a picture that was so big that people would have to scroll over 3 screenwidths to see it. Fortunately, it looks like it turned out ok.
I have a little refashioning that I wanted to post here, too.
Once upon a time there was a sweater at the local Goodwill store. It had the most adorable stripes and it caught my eye whenever I went by it. The problem? It practically went down to my knees. I was sad, but moved on. However, when it was still there the next time I visited, I just had to bring it home with me. The first things I made were two very stripe-y Christmas stockings out of the very large sleeves. Then I took the body and made this bag. It's lined with a heavy weight canvas-y fabric, and it has served me well for a while now. I usually use it to carry my laptop, its accessories, a ringbinder and my cosmetics bag. The only thing I would do differently would be to do a better job strengthening the straps. They feel a little too bouncy now and I worry that someday they'll give way.

Using a different sweater (from the same Goodwill), I made my husband a laptop case for his iBook. I lightly felted it, and I embroidered the Apple logo on it for him. It's double-thick, so it provides a lot of cushion. I'm not especially happy with how it came out - it looks a little too sloppy and home-made (I like things to be homemade, I just don't like it when you can tell from 50 yards away).
Oh well. Some crafty projects work out better than others.


Blogger Gina said...

Great re-inventing and re-fashioning. The laptop case is stellar.

2:31 PM, May 20, 2006  
Blogger Petula Darling said...


12:01 AM, May 21, 2006  

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