Monday, January 07, 2008

Changes Afoot

Despite what my dwindling post count might have led you to believe, I still really enjoy blogging. The problem is that I'm just not sure about the sort of blog I want this to be.
In my fantasies I'd like to have one like Posie or Soulemama, prolifically posted upon with beautiful pictures of amazing things I've made and done and writing that gives you a sense of who I am (or at least my better side). The reality is that kind of blogging takes an incredible amount of time and dedication - far more than I ever would have imagined back in my maybe-I-should-start-a-blog days. Making crafty stuff is a big enough time investment on its own, and then when you add the hours it can take to get a good photograph (well, that's how long it takes me to get one anyway) to the time it takes to write a post that says what you want it to say, it's absolutely mind boggling! I need to accept the fact that my blog is not going to be like their blogs, and embrace it for what it is.
But what is it?
There's so much stuff I'm excited about and want to share, but then I start questioning whether whatever it is is blogworthy. And the fewer posts I make, the more important it seems that those few posts should be really fabulous. As if anything I come up with is ever going to get my own this-is-freaking-fabulous stamp of approval (hey-we're all our own worst critics). And as the pressure builds, the post count continues to spiral downward.
So what's a gal who still wants to be a blogger to do? Well, obviously I need to shake things up, let go of some unreasonable expectations, and just start posting again without those crippling questions of blogworthiness. For the next few weeks I thought I'd turn off the comments section and try to post without thinking about how things will be received. I'll still have the internal critic, but she's a lot quieter when she thinks nobody is watching me.

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