Monday, August 27, 2007

Campfire Tales

I've long said that one can never truly be overdressed - how can it be wrong to be the fanciest gal in sight?

That all came to an end last weekend.

When you're by the campfire enjoying a big pot of lobsters with a group of revelers, and you need to eat standing up, awkwardly pitching your top half forward in an attempt to keep the inevitable deluge of lobster juice from sluicing onto your petticoated pouffage, I think it's safe to say that you truly are overdressed.


Blogger Julia Pequlia said...

Holy Guacamole! Do you own that? Is it old or new? What an interesting choice of print! I guess the Sea Princess could wear it ...

I think, really, that's in the category of "It's so bad -- it's good!" I would wear it.

12:12 PM, August 27, 2007  
Blogger Gina said...

I am filled with envy -- the dress, the fresh lobster meat, the fun parties.

2:34 PM, August 27, 2007  
Blogger Mary Jane said...

But still, I wish I had that dress on last night on Compass Island....hmmmm...wading thigh deep to get the dinghy....accidentally sitting in the butter....clam, mussel and lobster juice...Maybe not, but it is so pretty, and I'm sure you were a vision of loveliness even with all the soggy seafood.

10:15 AM, August 28, 2007  
Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

I love this post because it brings together the word"sluicing" and a Schiaparelli piece together at the same time!

10:43 AM, August 29, 2007  
Blogger lsaspacey said...

I thought you might find this interesting too: Saw this on Apartment Therapy.

12:08 PM, August 29, 2007  
Anonymous Marie said...

OK now THAT is a dress that needs to be worn to eat lobster in! So lean away I say!!!!

10:04 PM, August 31, 2007  

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