Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lenticular Loveliness

I haven't written about them for a while, but my obsession with lentographs continues.
Here are some of the ones I've gathered over the last year. You'll need to imagine their headache-inducing triple dimensionality since it doesn't really come through on a computer monitor

Here are the Three Little Pigs complete with banana peel pratfalls and many bad puns.

Here's Little Red Riding Hood in what is apparently a new twist on the story with Grandma bringing the Big Bad Wolf breakfast in bed. I like to pretend it's a new sitcom called My Two Grandmas that's rife with innuendo involving the ambiguous relationship between the two elderly "women" in Red's life.

This is a very Brady bear house. I love that each bear has their own tv:
"This show is too procedural!"
"This show has plot arcs that are far too long and involved!"
"Aahh - this show is just right!"

And, lastly, here's my lentograph wall. I have a bunch more to add, but I'm a bit behind on my framing.

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