Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Japanese craft books part 1

After many trials and tribulations getting the scanner up and running (followed by a little time-out for the rabbit who chewed through the cord!), I am finally able to present my Japanese craft books.
I had been coveting the ones I was seeing on various crafty blogs and at Crafting Japanese, so I finally braved the language barrier a couple months ago and ordered them from amazon Japan. Ordering was challenging, but it was so very worth it. I've looked at each book at least 40 times and I'm still beside myself with their cuteness.
The first one is isbn4-579-11025-0 (the image at the top is from this book as well).

It's all about re-making clothes and accessories. I get really inspired whenever I look at it, however whether I'll be inspired enough to get off my butt and actually make something remains to be seen.

The next book is isbn4-579-10949-x

It's chock full of skirt patterns. The photo styling in these books is really great. They even manage to make white Birkenstocks look cute, which is no easy task.


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