Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Goodbye Sweet Isadora

I'm afraid things didn't go well with Isadora. As the days passed, her condition worsened. She slowly lost the use of her front legs as well as her hind ones. We had to hand feed her and give her little bunny baths since she could no longer clean herself. To be honest, I would have continued taking care of her like that, even if there was no hope for improvement, if I could have convinced myself she was happy. However, by the end of last week it was clear that she was suffering, and we had Isadora put to sleep on Friday afternoon.
I've never had to do anything like that before, and I hope I never have to again. I'm sure it was the kindest thing we could do for her, but it was incredibly hard.
Before things got really bad, we took Isadora out to enjoy a day at the pond. She thought it was quite fabulous - so much to listen to and look at! I'm glad I remembered to bring my camera (the picture on the right looks like I superimposed her onto a bucolic landscape, but I think it's just the flash).
When it came time to find a place for her, we brought her back there. Her spot is marked by a wooden rabbit that is reminiscent of her better days. The figure used to hold an Easter egg, but that has been repainted to represent something far more important to Isadora - a raisin. Hey, she was a simple gal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Isadora. You've written a lovely tribute.
Gina | Homepage | 08.16.06 - 12:53 am | #

Awww Petula, I'm so sorry to hear you news. That's a really beautiful photo of Isadora. How fabulous a name is that?!
Alison | Homepage | 08.17.06 - 3:41 am | #

Poor sweet little bunny, and poor Petula,I am very sorry for your loss of a family member. I'm glad Isadora got to play outside,your description of how she felt,I'm sure WAS exactly how she felt at the pond.
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 08.17.06 - 12:01 pm | #

Oh Petula, my heart aches for you and Isadora. I think the picture glows because she is becomming an angel.
mary jane | 08.19.06 - 9:29 pm | #

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