Thursday, July 06, 2006

buttericks are free
(if you're lucky)

The pattern above is a 1960s adaptation of the 1950s wrap dress I mentioned previously. It's pretty darn fabulous, no? Sadly, I don't think they've reprinted this one, although I do think there's a tutorial out there that tells you how to modify the reprinted pattern to make this one.
I took the picture from a post on Craftster. A girl found the pattern at the dump (or "the free store" as we call it around our house), and made the dress out of a vintage sheet. You should definitely check it out, because she did a great job and it's almost as cute as a basket of kittens .

In other news, all of our moths have successfully emerged from their cocoons. They came out at all different times, so it wasn't quite the experience we were expecting but it was still pretty interesting. We let three of them go when it was obvious they wouldn't have a mate (hey, they might as well find some love somewhere). A couple others were given the opportunity to leave when it seemed like they weren't interested in their potential partners, but they stuck around anyway.
We had read that luna moths stay paired up for 24 hours after mating, but we didn't see anything like that going on. We did have a male and a female luna in close proximity to each other, though, and the female laid about 50 eggs. It's unlikely that they're fertile, but I'll let you know if we have any little ones arriving in the near future.


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

Jeepers. Will the possible babies be creepers?
mary jane | 07.07.06 - 9:02 am | #

Yes, I believe that would be the technical term.
Petula | Homepage | 07.07.06 - 9:16 am | #

wow what a pretty moth!!! in fact it would indeed make an excellent brooch or hat pin! I didn't even know moths could look like that!
Jen | 07.08.06 - 11:23 am | #

5:26 PM, July 26, 2007  

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