Monday, July 10, 2006

Immortal blooms...ummm...immortalized

I have a vivid memory of going to a cemetery when I was a little kid and being amazed by all the beautiful (to me) plastic flowers that people had left there - just laying there! - on the ground!
They wouldn't have been left there if people still wanted them, I reasoned, so clearly they were mine for the taking.
I joyfully ran around "picking" the gaudy brightly colored blooms - this was almost as good as being set loose in Candyland! Imagine my shock when I wandered back to my mother with my bouquet, and, rather than being hailed as a great forager, I was in trouble.
I never again desecrated any gravesites (unless you count sitting on them and smoking pot as desecration - I may have done that a couple times several years later), but my deep regard for those flowers has remained. The Consortium of Faux Florists long ago made the unfortunate choice of switching from plastic to silk flowers, but I still love them. Lucky for me I have a friend who lives near a cemetary who occasionally gives me the ones the groundskeepers remove. But where does one put such treasures?
Well, as we're lacking a crypt in the yard, I decked out their styrovase to resemble Eleanor Roosevelt and now they're framed and on the wall.


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

LOVE IT ! especially the color of the frame.
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 07.11.06 - 1:13 am | #

I wonder that you shouldn't be a mortician's wife. As the niece of two morticians, I mean that as a compliment. Agreed -- those plastic cemetary flowers were the best. Such vivid colors.
Gina | Homepage | 07.11.06 - 2:19 pm | #

Does EVERYONE go to the graveyard to smoke pot? I spent many, many, many nights sitting on graves and lighting joints. funny.
Anonymous | 07.11.06 - 4:07 pm | #

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