Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Calgon, Take Me Away

It's been a hectic time in Petulaville lately.
I hosted Thanksgiving, and I'm an utterly craptastic hostess (seriously, I'm sure I put all of the guests on edge because I get so wound up). Then we had a weekend full of different guests, which was followed up on Monday with my Dad going in for knee-replacement surgery, which was followed up on Tuesday by Midge going to the vet's to get spayed.
No one got food poisoning, the guests have all gone home, and both of the patients are doing well. I, however, have managed to deepen my brow furrow by approximately an inch, I'm broken out, and my Aunt Flo decided to pop in for an extra visit (because, apparently, a month just seems so empty with only four days of cramps).
While there has been a bit of crafting going on, all projects are in states too unsightly for me to photograph. Sooooo, lucky for me Mary Jane has put up a very cute free mitten pattern for me to post about. It calls for 100 yards each of two different yarns, so it's a great stash-buster. She also claims they're a quick knit, but I fear that my skills (or lack thereof) may prove her wrong.

And here are some other things I'm loving:
The band Sophe Lux (found via boing boing). Their site is, unfortunately, on myspace (is it possible to assault one's senses and overload one's computer more than most myspace pages do? I don't think so.). On the plus side, you can hear several of their songs there. I guess I'd describe their music as being sort of a neo-baroque mellowed-out Tori Amos/Kate Bush-esque amalgam. Great album cover too - it looks like Mark Ryden could have done it, but I can't find any info about it.

JamFancy's crafty goodness (also on myspace, but her page is assault-free). She makes the cutest little creatures, and I love how she photographs them (that's her image on the right - hmmm... I'm seeing a charming resemblance to a fought-over lentograph that I cherish). She even has some patterns for them available for downloading here. You also have got to check out her team's entry for the Blythe beauty contest. I'm not a member of the cult of Blythe, but I was really bowled over by the attention to detail - the adorable appliques! the pet deer on a leash! the lunchbox! the teeny tiny buttons! the shoes and the stripey stockings on her spindly Blythe legs!
I'm overcome by the cuteness of it all.


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

Keep an eye on Anut Flo. Mine stopped in November 5th, and she's still here! Sure, I see less of her some days than others, but frankly, a full cycle of Aunt Flo is just a bit too much!

I love Mark Ryden's work. I watched Chris Garver do a tattoo of "Rose" on Miami Ink. It was beautiful.
Gina | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 8:41 am | #

Lord in heaven above,the cuteness factor of that Blythe display. Its the Enid Collins-esque box bag I'm gaga over (plus every single thing else in the pic)!
Thanks fo the music links,you said the magic combo ,Kate Bush AND Mark Ryden,I'm in!
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 11.30.06 - 12:21 pm | #

Thanks for the plug sweetie. They really are easy. Mohair is so forgiving, hides any little slip up. I'm off to Blytheville.
mary jane | Homepage | 12.02.06 - 10:35 pm | #

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