Friday, December 01, 2006

Ma nouvelle chose préférée!

Here's my namesake, Ms. Clark, doing a cover of Lee Dorsey's Ya Ya (personalized and en français) on a tres fantastique set that could easily be the inspiration for some of those lenticular images that set my heart afire. Aside from the blurriness (which does lessen a bit as the video goes on), could it be any more merveilleux?

Je ne pense pas ainsi.

(apologies for any possible butchering of the french language)

tip: If you're on a slow connection, I recommend starting the video (may take two clicks) and then pausing it until it's fully loaded. After that it should play without any skipping.


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

Tres fantastic! We were all major Petula fans in my house growing up. I had a "fremch barbie", those totally bendy french dolls with black dot eyes, that came in pink boxes (from france) anyway my favorite was "Miss Twist" she looked exactly like Petula in this vid, only with large silk roses on her skirt. (attention: new ebay search)
mary jane | Homepage | 12.02.06 - 10:32 pm | #

oooo! - I've never seen these french dolls of which you speak. I think I'll mosey on over to eBay right now!
Petula | Homepage | 12.03.06 - 12:00 am | #

6:02 PM, July 26, 2007  

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