Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Petticoat Challenge

Remember how I whined in the previous post about how I have run out of petticoat-friendly outfits?

Well, I'm about to do something out of character:
stop whining and do something about it.

Gina has a similar dilemma, so we've issued a challenge: we have given ourselves one month to each sew a petticoat-friendly skirt.

And, because we have a shared history of shirking similar challenges, we've added a bit of insurance to keep us on task: we shall each wear our skirts in public on the due date, whether finished or not.
If that means going to work wearing a crumpled tissue-paper pattern piece taped onto a petticoat, so be it. If you're gonna shirk, you've got to pay the piper (or something like that).


Anonymous Old comments saved from the HaloScan exodus said...

What a great idea! What's your due date?
Julia Pequlia | Homepage | 06.13.07 - 4:03 pm | #

Oh dear - I've put on a couple pounds, but I didn't know it was that bad!
hah- sorry.
The day of petticoat pride (or shame, as the case may be) is July 11th.
Feel free to jump in if you'd like.
Petula | 06.13.07 - 7:42 pm | #

I'm starting a heavy routine of squats and plyometrics at the gym -- just to cover my butt, so to speak.
Gina | Homepage | 06.15.07 - 6:10 am | #

Ok...if you're doing the circle skirt, I have one suggestion...have a friend help you with hemming! I made a full circle skirt once and my hem was uneven! Do let the skirt hang for a day or two so that it has time to settle. Then put it on, and have a friend pin your hem so that it's even front to back. I don't have much booty and it was still higher in the back. UGH!
Christie | Homepage | 06.15.07 - 5:02 pm | #

This may be the perfect opportunity to use petticoats as well as be incredibly retro. What about the 50's circle skirt, complete with the poodle on it. I think I remember that they were made from felt so no hem needed.Not half as lovely as the skirt you wore to the wedding but could be fun. (I have a very faint memory of having one that was gray & had a pink poodle on it. Oh god, I've become a cliche)
dianne | 06.15.07 - 7:01 pm | #

I love that you are petticoating! i love circle skirts ,but it never occured to me to add the flounce!
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 06.16.07 - 3:47 pm | #

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