Monday, April 16, 2007

Fly By Night

The trip frenzy is in full swing. Packing and panicking is now being done in earnest. We'll be flying from Boston to Paris on Thursday, and we're sooooo not ready. So why not sit down and write a blog post?
Actually, I have a request for some suggestions:
1) It always takes a little while for one's system to get in synch with the local timetable. This has led to us starving at times when there are no stores or restaurants open. I like to bring snacks for just such emergencies, but I don't know if I can stand eating any more Odwalla or Cliff bars (I think I ate too many during our last vacation). Does anyone have any ideas for packable snacks?
2) We like caffeine first thing in the morning, before getting showered and dressed. The problem is that we won't be staying in establishments that offer such amenities as bedside coffee. In the past, this has led to us staggering, bleary-eyed and cranky, around the streets in search of cafes as we indulge in a spate of caffeine-deprived bickering. That's no way to start the morning, folks! Should I just get some No-Doz and take half a tab in the morning? I tend to be wary of the stuff after getting all hopped up on it once during study hall in high school (of course, part of the problem may have been the quantity I ingested and the fact that I didn't even drink coffee back then). Is there, hopefully, something better?
Your input will be much appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For travel food, once I get to a place, my favorite stuff to have on hand is bread, cheese, and apples. They're easy to carry and keep w/o refrigeration, and all you need is a small knife. Europe has great cheese and bread!

For caffeine, maybe you could get some of those round coffee teabags. They have actual coffee in them, and aren't as horrible as Sanka or Taster's Choice. Hot water from a tap might be hot enough to make it. You might even be able to ask for a thermos of hot water at the places you're staying.

Have fun, don't starve, and stay awake!
Julia Pequlia | Homepage | 04.16.07 - 3:40 pm | #

Thanks for the coffee idea - that's worth a try!
We're big fans of the bread & brie & pate repast, to the point where our rented vehicles tend to take on the look of crumb-filled gourmet snack-wagons. I'm mostly just worried about that first day or so when we'll be wandering in a jet-lagged haze, forgetting to grab food when it's available, and then deciding we're starving at midnight. You'd think we'd learn to stock up early, but it hasn't happened yet.
Petula | 04.16.07 - 5:22 pm | #

Bon Voyage,sweetie! Though I seem to travel alot,its all here in the states,so beyond the Cliff Bar thang,I've no real suggestion,except we do actually pack baggies of almonds,great filler til you can eat snax! the caffiene seems more problematic!
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 04.16.07 - 9:36 pm | #

Sadly, a knife will be confiscated immediately, and it may well delay your departure when discovered at Logan International. Bread can be ripped apart, as can cheese. Apples can be bitten into, and nuts are always the perfect little fat/protein source. As for the coffee idea, there are real coffee candies, but if you crave the liquid exilir, then those coffee "tea" bags are great. It's coming up with the boiled water that could be problematic.
Gina | Homepage | 04.16.07 - 11:40 pm | #

We just traveled with three kids and took peanut M&Ms (yum), raisins and dried fruit to eat on the plane and right after arrival. You can take any food with you except liquids or yogurt. I don't drink coffee so can't help you there. I would think just being in Paris with your honey would be enough to get you up and out of bed in the morning. Or not. Either way - no bickering allowed!
millie | 04.17.07 - 12:38 pm | #

Hayley and I love to snack on those sweet and salty granola bars. They seem to have more substance than your typical bar(maybe the sugar). Anything with a bit of fat & protein should get you over the hump. Have fun!
Kristin | 04.17.07 - 5:43 pm | #

Thanks for all the suggestions!
The mention of dried fruit made me giggle because it reminded me of a slogan I came up with several years ago-
"Prunes: the sign of the savvy traveler."
Not a sexy slogan, to be sure, however "Don't leave home without them" was already taken. This probably falls under the TMI category, but those things are truly nature's miracle in one's hour of need!
Petula | 04.17.07 - 6:52 pm | #

On my recent trip south I discovered dark chocolate bars with espresso beans! Did the trick beautifully.I don't think you'll flinch from chocolates for breakfast either! Good on bread too..Very French!
mary jane | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 9:23 pm | #

Have a great trip! Are you going to follow the trail of the DaVinci Code? I am an old lady but the peanut butter crackers are a must! They have healthy ones too that taste great and have very little sugar in them...I would go hypoglycemic without them. Raisins, apricots and other dried fruit...but traveller beware there better be bathrooms around. On our trip to the USVI we took Beef Jerky and Pepperoni....ewww the smell is so strong but the taste so good and filling. Bon Voyage!
Eileen | 04.17.07 - 10:15 pm | #

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