Monday, January 14, 2008

Mini Maidens Make Me Merry

It's a bit challenging to find vintage treasures to bring home this time of year in Maine.
The flea markets have been closed since October, old standbys like Goodwill seem extra picked-over, and it'll be months before the next yard sale. That leaves the antique malls. We have several within a 40 mile radius, but they tend to be the pricier variety (I prefer the sort that use the term "antique" loosely - if they have videos and blocks of Velveeta mixed in with the LuRay and Haeger planters, then I'm more likely to come home with armloads of goodies...and, no, I don't buy the processed cheese products, vintage or otherwise).
Even when there's nothing we can afford, it can still be pretty fun to go the nicer antique malls. I just think of it like going to a museum to see things I haven't seen before.
Every once in a while I find something charming and affordable at the local antiqueries. I just recently got these little figures that I'm guessing are from the 1950s for just a couple dollars each. I have no idea what they were originally used for, but they look cute with the winter village. With their flowers and bluebirds, they hint that spring is just around the corner. Granted, that corner is miles away, and it involves crossing mountain passes and fording streams to get there, but once you do it'll just be a right hand turn into spring.

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