Sunday, May 28, 2006

because I really need more stuff

At first this weekend's yard sales seemed a little lackluster, but when I got home and admired my finds I must say I was rather pleased.
Along with the dresses that I already posted about, I got some cool patterns:

The two above may come in handy for Wardrobe Refashion. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure they won't look quite the same on me due to my normal-sized/wider-than-a-pencil calves (plus, unlike those gals on the right, I do have an upper-body).

Two apron patterns - the child's one still has all the transfers that it originally came with. I wear aprons fairly often, but I don't plan to ever make any (despite my love of Tie One On). Obviously I don't need either of these patterns, but I just found them too irresistable.

These ones are for kids. I have no kids. But they were only 10 cents each! and so very cute.

I did get some other basic patterns, as well as several pairs of double-pointed knitting needles in a variety of fabulous colors, a vintage green electric fan, a vintage pink light, and a practically mint condition 1953 pin-up girl calendar (only $4! - this one is pretty funny, so I might be doing a girl-of-the-month feature). Since this post is already way image-heavy, though, I'll leave you with today's flea market find - Mr. Bingley:

He's 18 inches tall and one of the old-school realllllly heavy ones. I've loved lawn gnomes since I was 3 years old, despite Travelocity's best efforts to make me sick of them by turning them into mundane advertising fodder. My mother would have gouged her eyes out before she would have put one on our lawn,which has, of course made them all the more desirable to me. I'm so excited to have finally found one of the fabulous vintage ones to call my own.


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