Sunday, May 28, 2006

the best laid plans...

So remember how in my previous post I had all those lofty plans of clearing out my stash of clothes that needed work? I guess some part of me must have felt that I wasn't challenging myself enough, because look what I brought home from the yard sales yesterday:

The two on the left are probably early 1960s (they look a little drop-waisted in the photos, but they aren't really), and the one on the right is probably late '60s. And they all need work! Excellent!
I think I may have inadvertantly discovered the secret to clothing alteration, though. It turns out that it's much easier to do it using Photoshop than it is using a needle and thread. Who knew?
Use the skew command to nip in the waist, do some patching and button replacement with the rubber stamp tool - what a time saver!
My new plan is to stay at home in my pjs all day and post images of the virtual outfits I'd be wearing if I weren't so lazy.
I did manage to get them all washed, and the yellow one has been lengthened and just needs a little waistband reinforcement before it's ready to go to town.


Blogger Gina said...

I like the idea of refashioning via Photoshop.

10:34 PM, May 28, 2006  
Blogger Marietta said...

what a brilliant idea! i need to learn how to do that! what a time saver

12:03 AM, May 29, 2006  

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