Friday, June 16, 2006

Things various and sundry

Good news- we're not the moth murderers that I had feared. I guess we just have a batch of late bloomers since a polyphemus moth came out today (I'll be posting a picture as soon as he has his wings spread out).
This one is a male - you can tell by the large antennae (heh... large antennae...). Its wings are beautiful, but the body is kind of scary and prehistoric looking. Sort of tarantularian. Hopefully the others will come out to face the world soon and it will be a big love-fest.

I now interrupt this blog to send out a personal message to someone I shall call Alanonymison (because that name really has a nice ring to it). Alanonymison has a lovely 4 year-old daughter that I shall call Rowan (because that's her name), who has the most amazing fashion sense. She can work multiple stripe patterns like nobody's business, she makes diaphanous iridescent capes seem like something we all should start wearing around town every day, and her use of fairy-wings as a fashion accessory had people speaking of her in awed tones for days.
It seems unfair that only the people in midcoast Maine are able to view the outfits that Rowan puts together, so I think Alanonymison would be doing the world a service if she started a blog where she posted daily about the fashion-forward ensembles Rowan has devised.
It could be called something like
It wouldn't even need words, just a photo a day. Think about it.

And now back to our regular programming...
I was visiting Thriftcraft recently and ran across a mention of a girl in Sweden who puts together some really great outfits (that's her on the right). I'm a little too old to pull off some of the more little-bo-peepish ones (if you're over 20, which I'm long past, the look gets a little creepy and reminiscent of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane), but some of them have me practically taking notes and doing sketches. I want that coat!


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

Ha Ha Ha! My computer skills are limited to writing emails and commenting on blogs. If I ever become computer savy ( or if I ever own a digital camera) I would most definitly start a blog surrounded by Row's wardrobe.
Thanks for the 'shout out'
Anonymous | 06.16.06 - 2:27 pm | #

Well if you ever get a digital camera, I'd be happy to set up the blog for you. Posting to a blog doesn't take much more skill than sending an email (as long as you're not too picky), so you'll be all set.
Think of the needs of the people!
Petula | Homepage | 06.16.06 - 2:50 pm | #

How odd that you mention Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, as it had crossed my mind for some reason as I was pondering patterns and wardrobe refashioning. I beg you to do whatever possible to bring the lovely Rowan into our lives! Does Alanonymison know that blogging is not much more than typing?
Gina | Homepage | 06.17.06 - 1:06 pm | #

5:11 PM, July 26, 2007  

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