Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Fashion Week!

I'm a sucker for Fashion Week. Fashion magazines put me to sleep, but give me a runway show and I'm like a kid at the circus.

Up here in L.L. Beantown there isn't a whole lot of hype for the event, so I usually realize it has occurred a week or two afterwards. But not this year!
Thanks to the Fug girls I'm soooo on top of it. I'm thankful not only for their reminder that this is THE week, but also for their very entertaining updates from the trenches tents for New York Magazine. That's also the place to see photos and videos of the various catwalks. Did you read me? VIDEOS! It's fabulous! You can also get similar info at but they seem a little slower to update, and I'm only seeing a paltry two videos.
So why do I get so into this when I can barely afford the Isaac Mizrahi line at Target? I think it's the eye-candy factor combined with the thrill of being able to pretend that I'm at least in the know (if not in the posession) of what is the cutting edge of high fashion.
Now I like wearability as much as the next gal, but since I won't be buying anything what I really want is entertainment. With that in mind, I beg you to check out this video of the Heatherette runway experience. While I'm the last person to suggest that cardboard cutouts of pineapples make for a fine garment (well, actually I'm sure I'd offer it up as a possibility long before, say, my dad, but you know what I mean), I would love to have been at that show. It so fun to watch that it even made me (almost) think kind thoughts about the star model, Paris Hilton (though not so much for the lackluster Nikki, I'm afraid). And the music! It's had me bouncing in my seat every one of the 17 times that I've watched it. Does anyone know what it is?

And now I have something of interest for Project Runway fans. If you go to the schedule you will find shows for:
1. Malan Breton (Tuesday) hmmm....
2. Jay McCarroll (Friday)
3. Project Runway (Friday) - Does this mean we'll be able to see their collections way before that episode airs? NYmag shows the collections of most other designers shortly after their runway shows. Here's the page that shows the Project Runway collections, including the decoy one for Kara Janx.


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

I was at the Heatherette show last night and even got in my seat, despite the 6000 counterfeit passes to the show. Great show, but the music on the video was not the music played during the show. Paris started out the show sashaying to her hit record, and most of the rest of the music consisted of pop oldies (Blondie, Beach Boys, etc.). Skipped the after-party for fear of being trampled
voks | Homepage | 09.13.06 - 4:15 pm | #

How wonderful to see you posting! The Final Three plus a Fourth Decoy will have their collections shown before the final episode airs. The first season, only the Final Three showed, which basically gave it away, as the shows went on before the PR episode that showed the final elimination. Thus the reason for the Fourth Decoy -- not to tip the hand.

I'm looking forward to seeing the design collections.
Gina | Homepage | 09.14.06 - 12:43 pm | #

Glad your posting again . Check this site : These guys sus it out in the MOST uproarious way. The final 4 collections are there 2 if you've not yet viewed them.
oh and somethings up with acertain favorite model. Can you tell?
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 12:25 pm | #

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