Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays from the Darling family!


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

Absolutely stunning! But the best part is the bunny at the base. Perhaps in another life, Morris (or is it Midge?)was an escapee from a nativity scene.
Dianne | 12.24.06 - 10:28 am | #

Wow!!! I love it! Theres your X-mas card for next year.
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 12.24.06 - 11:42 am | #

Merry Christmas, Darlings!
Gina | Homepage | 12.24.06 - 7:42 pm | #

Blessedly Beautiful. Merry Christmas Sweetie Pea, and the same to Davis, bunnies and moths and moth kin.
mary jane | Homepage | 12.24.06 - 10:58 pm | #

I love how Morris fits with the hole white and brown color scheme.
Julia | Homepage | 12.26.06 - 4:18 pm | #

I had the luck to actually see Petula's tree over the holidays.It is much more beautiful than the picture. Truly spectacular.The light glowed from way within the tree.The garland was actually tourquoise colored beads placed just perfectly. What I really liked best though, was that all the ornaments showed up so much better than on the traditional tree.It made it possible to really enjoy each individual piece. I even could see the 1st ornament Petula ever crafted way back when she was only 4 or 5. Gotta tell you - I was awed by the entire effect.
Dianne | 12.30.06 - 9:50 am | #

Happy New Year ,petula!!!
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 12.31.06 - 4:26 pm | #

Love the tree. Cindy gave me the scoop. No such luck living with a cowboy that I could have such a gem. Just wanted to wish you a very happy happy! xxoo
Sister Gail | 01.01.07 - 12:41 am | #

6:07 PM, July 26, 2007  

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