Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is Winter Over Yet?

This little guy has had just about enough.
Fortunately, the last several days have been quite springlike, by Maine standards anyway.
Davis went to a flea market without me last Saturday because I had to work (the injustice!). Luckily he knows how much I like penguins, so he brought me home a new friend.
I've been begging for a penguin of my very own ever since seeing this video, and I'm guessing Davis thought a porcelain one who can shake salt out of his head might be a better idea than getting a real one. I don't agree, but I'm happy with this guy for now.
The chilly winterland in the photo is actually made up of toasty warm wool roving.
I was doing some needle-felting the other day, and realized I needed some new colors. Fortunately I had a couple balls of natural-colored roving and several packets of Kool-aid on hand (I promise I only use it for dying and don't drink the stuff!).

A couple fuit-scented hours later:


Anonymous Old comments saved from the HaloScan exodus said...

Mmmmm! Winter in Maine sure smells prettier than I remember it!
Julia Pequlia | Homepage | 03.14.07 - 9:47 pm | #

It certainly has that yummy cotton candy feel,and smells fruity too? The bonus plan!
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 10:18 am | #

Love the wool colors! How very springy.I was getting so used to this week's spring like temp's, the rain and fog eating away at the dirty snow. I was totally getting ready for spring, but that storm heading our way tonight is bumming me out. oh, for spring, green grass and daffodils!have a great weekend,
Tiffany | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 11:55 am | #

You have read Mr. Poppers Penguins I trust? One of my all time favorites.
mary jane | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 10:20 am | #

That roving looks good enough to eat! I love cotton candy, and it's quite evocative.
Gina | Homepage | 03.25.07 - 7:29 pm | #

6:17 PM, August 22, 2007  

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