Monday, February 26, 2007

Petula and the Oobleck

Do you remember this book?

You might remember it a little differently from how it looks here (this copy is from a rare limited-edition printing).
This version tells the tragic tale of when oobleck filled poor Petula's head and lungs, causing her to become a putrescent, hacking, spewing mass of germs who needed to flee from proper society.
Yup, that's me with the plaid pants, pointy shoes and green ooze about my torso. Pretty, huh?
Unfortunately, I've been performing a re-enactment of that historic event, and am much too busy (and oobleck-headed) to blog. Hopefully I'll be back with you soon.


Anonymous Old comments saved from the HaloScan exodus said...

Awww Feel better soon! It is no fun having the crud. (tho how many people can say there is a BOOK about theirs out there?)
Marie a.k.a Bookworm | 02.27.07 - 7:37 am | #

I'm sorry, Darling! I was hoping that the "closed due to illness" sign in the Gallery window was code for "Hopped a plane to the
Bahamas to avoid the snow".
Get better soon!
Tracy | Homepage | 02.27.07 - 8:20 am | #

Oh, Poor Pretty Petula. Mink had that same dreaded bug, only she didn't get a cool book deal out of it.
mary jane | Homepage | 02.27.07 - 11:58 am | #

Jon had the oobleck during the big snow storm, lucky for him he didn't have to haul wood and shovel ice during his illness...I hope you
feel that a real book?
Eileen | 02.28.07 - 6:37 am | #

So sorry,I am doing my best trying to stay well,those youngins' I am working with do NOT know how to balance there work and fun,and
they share there germs!
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 02.28.07 - 1:28 pm | #

You poor dear! Feel better soon.
Gina | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 11:31 pm | #

6:14 PM, August 22, 2007  

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