Friday, January 26, 2007

Taking it to the next dimension

My obsession with lentographs and dioramas has grown to the point where I really want to make my own.

I have already purchased a 3d camera for the task. Normally they have two lenses, but this one has four. I'm thinking that if a two-lens camera makes things three dimensional, then shouldn't a camera with four lenses take me into the sixth dimension? I tried to do a little research on this topic, but since I can't even grasp the fourth dimension I didn't get very far.

My current quest is for objects to put in the dioramas. I really want a doll like the one shown below. I've been looking on ebay, but so far no luck (I have, however, seen some dolls that are likely to give me nightmares for years to come). Does anyone happen to know the name of this doll?

Also - Gina has now been double-tagged for the six-weird-things meme. I thought about duo-deca-tagging her, but that seemed cruel (120 weird things would mean dredging up memories of things like eating paste, and she's gluten free now).
Oh, and kudos to The Tussler and his six weird things for making me laugh out loud. Don't let his political views frighten you, he's really a very good person.

I shall leave you with a bit more lenticular goodness (and try to imagine the 3d effect that I know you can't see on a computer screen).


Anonymous Old comments saved from the HaloScan exodus said...

That 1st little doll looks vaugly familiar....The hula girls are Madam Alexandar Dolls for sure.
may jane | Homepage | 01.26.07 - 12:04 pm | #

Whoa-- those things are called lentographs! I remember them! Those are great ones-- I especially like the hula dolls.
Emily | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 2:17 am | #

6:05 PM, August 22, 2007  

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