Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summertime Blues (and pinks)

Look at the lovelies that Davis brought home for me from the almost-free-store this week! They make me happy every time I look at them.
Thrifting has been rather hit or miss this season, but I suppose that's always the case. These were enough of a hit to balance out a plethora of misses.

In crafty news: I'm happy to report that I will not need to post a photo of me in my skivvies on July 11th (see the previous post if that needs explaining).
I've been working on a circle skirt that is 75% finished and is just hanging up waiting for a hem. It's a little plain so I may need to put some spiffy pockets on it or something, but the important thing is that I will be spared underwear-revealing humiliation.


Anonymous Old comments saved from the HaloScan exodus said...

Oooo, those look like plumeria blooms!
As for the dress, if you think it's plain, a glue gun and some sequins could do wonders ...
Julia Pequlia | Homepage | 06.24.07 - 2:35 am | #

These are very much a hit! I'm slacking royally on the skirt. I'm already picking out the proper shirt to coordinate with the petticoat and a panel of material.
Gina | Homepage | 06.24.07 - 12:15 pm | #

Thosetrays are FAB,and totally Petula-ish!
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 06.24.07 - 1:11 pm | #

Are those Portmarion? They look similar to the dishes we got for our wedding except the background is white...what a great guy.
Eileen | Homepage | 06.28.07 - 7:29 am | #

How about that Davis? Is he a keeper or what?
mary jane | Homepage | 06.30.07 - 12:40 pm | #

These are very nice! I love the colors.
Linda L | Homepage | 07.15.07 - 7:44 pm | #

6:53 PM, August 22, 2007  

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