Friday, June 09, 2006

Check out the kicky plaid!

The site redesign was pretty minor codewise. Hopefully I got rid of the somewhat pestilential tinge that was being displayed on some monitors.
While I'm waiting for the #$%^&* camera cable to arrive, I thought I'd share some links:

A Dress A Day features, as you might imagine, an image of at least one dress every day. Most of them are chosen for their fabulousness, but every once in a while she throws in one because it's so fabulously dreadful. Erin, the author, also shows dresses that she's made herself.

Another site that I've had featured in my sidebar all along is Posie. If you haven't checked out Alicia's blog, you're missing out. It's cuter than a basket of kittens (and much better behaved), and it's very well written. I used to check out her online store fairly often, and I was so happy when she started blogging.

I've mentioned Tie One On, the monthly apron sew-along, before. The theme for June is to make an apron inspired by your favorite musical. Sadly, I have no idea what sort of apron would go along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Once More With Feeling, so I will probably not be participating.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about blood splattered? Or with fangs?

5:52 AM, June 10, 2006  
Blogger Petula Darling said...

Few things are more appetizing than seeing a chef in a blood-spattered apron. Yum!

12:39 PM, June 10, 2006  
Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

I was exploring your archives, and noticed your obvious affection for Buffy. This happens to be my absolute favorite TV show of all time. Of course I have the ONCE MORE WITH FEELING CD and even geekier, I have used Giles' Standing, as an audition piece (I was cast).I think its a dandy inspiration for your apron.
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 07.06.06 - 2:14 pm | #

5:03 PM, July 26, 2007  

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