Thursday, June 15, 2006

late-breaking petticoat news

As I've mentioned before, I've been spending time flouncing about lately, trying on vintage dresses with my new petticoat while pretending to be various stars from the 1950s (I'm Donna Reed! I'm Doris Day! I'm the Bad Seed!). However today is the first day that I've actually ventured beyond my driveway in one of the outfits. I probably look a little silly, seeing as I'm constantly self-consciously tugging on various parts of my ensemble, but overall it's going well and I feel pretty darn sassy.This may be just the motivation I need to get going on my vast collection of garments awaiting alteration (if you thought I hadn't been posting about the alterations because I was so darn busy altering, you were quite mistaken).
Now if only the wind would die down enough for me to make it back to work without making a public scene...

end of day edit: Despite my fears of a gust of wind blowing my dress and petticoat up around my head, I did make it back to work with my dignity intact (or at least no less intact than usual).
I have to say that I'm still a huge fan of the petticoat, but I definitely feel they're more suited for wearing to events that only last a few hours rather than wearing one all day. After 12 hours I couldn't wait to get into something more comfortable.


Anonymous Old comments saved from the HaloScan exodus said...

june 15, 06 part 2:
We need pictures!!
Anonymous | 06.15.06 - 5:04 pm | #

Damn you! I wanted to remain anonymous but you out smarted me! (either that or I'm a dead give away)
Now I'll have to sign-in under a different name
Anonymous | 06.15.06 - 8:42 pm | #

I'm the Bad Seed! Missy, you are quite sassy! And I mean that as a compliment.
Gina | Homepage | 06.16.06 - 11:51 am | #

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