Friday, September 15, 2006


Look at what Davis brought back from The Free Store! More than 30 vintage McCall's Needlework magazines ranging from 1923 through the 1960s.
There are lots of fabulous knitting patterns to be had (especially if one fancies making themself a skirt and matching jacket on size two needles!). Sadly, the sections on sewing seem designed to taunt me, since they require that I send away for the patterns. Call me a cynic, but even if I doubled the 25 cents that they're asking, I doubt that they'd send any to me.
The best ones are from the 30s and 40s. Things took a bit of a dive in the 60s when they added the "& Crafts" to their title. I'm not one for the glued-spool arts, and string pictures have always left me cold.
In other fabulous-finds news, I recently found several very cute vintage aprons. I'm only going to post a picture of one of them for now because the other pictures I took really showcased my craptastic ironing skills.

edited to add: Is it just me, or has blogger's "preview" option become even less representational of where pictures are going to end up?


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

I still get a giggle over the "free store". Joe finds it funny as well, although I could see the look of concern cross his face that I would begin carting other's cast offs into the small apartment. I'm very jealous of the aprons! I adore aprons, and I never seem to find any that aren't in a hideous state for $2bajillion.
Gina | Homepage | 09.18.06 - 12:52 pm | #

Very cool magazines. I am in northern New Brunswick and I am fervently wishing I had a Free Store! Sounds like a magical place! We do have a Red Cross thrift shop where I can occasionally find something to make something else out of, for a few dollars, and now and then I get down to southern Maine and check those thrift outlets. Still looking at the big pile of to-do projects piled at the sewing machine, though......maybe I should get off the computer?? :) Have a great day---T
smileymamaT | Homepage | 09.20.06 - 10:25 am | #

What a find! Those books sounds simply divine! I hope you post pictures from your favorite crafts.
Miss Dottie | Homepage | 09.22.06 - 2:14 pm | #

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