Monday, July 02, 2007

Peonies and Petticoat-Challenges

It's the tail-end of peony season around these parts. Every year I'm bowled over by how boisterous and exuberant their blooms are. You have to love a plant that asks so little, yet gives so generously.

In Petticoat-Challenge news: hemming the skirt took far more time than I would have imagined. The ever-patient Davis marked it for me with only a few grumbles (he had my sympathy - measuring the length of a skirt with a gazillion folds that's hanging on a twitchy and impatient me is quite a challenge), but the pressing of the hem took an eternity, and then it had to be hand-sewn to prevent the ugly rippling that sewing by machine would have given it (believe me, I tried to do it by machine, but it was immediately obvious this was a bad idea). If I had to guess, I'd say that the pressing and hemming took about 6 hours. It's now entirely wearable, and I'm fairly happy with how it has turned out.
My plans for spiffing it up a bit have been foiled - the pockets I designed are too stiff to work with all the folds of the skirt (there's one shown below that hasn't been sewn down). I really love them, though, so perhaps I'll put them on an apron in the future. This was my first attempt at sewing scallops - what a pain!- but I'd do it all over again because I'm such a sucker for them.
The skirt really does need a little something more, so it's back to the drawing board. Julia Pequlia's comment last week makes me think that getting a Bedazzler might be the way to go (I'm kidding....sort it wrong that I kind of want one?).

Morris has found all of this sewing to be quite fascinating. I managed to get a photo of him looking in my sewing box, making sure that I had the correct size needle for the job. I don't know how I'd manage without him.

eta: Haloscan seems to be on the fritz, so the comment section has been coming and going of its own accord. Hopefully it will fix itself shortly.


Anonymous Old comments saved from the HaloScan exodus said...

Such a cute bunny!
He looks like he has great taste - perhaps he can help you figure out how to embellish the skirt.
Marla | 07.03.07 - 11:11 pm | #

I love the pocket!! Too bad you can't use it on the skirt, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it.
Elaine | 07.04.07 - 10:23 am | #

6:56 PM, August 22, 2007  
Blogger linda said...

he is so bunny is not as healthy as yours..pocket looks nice and neat too.


2:33 AM, September 10, 2007  
Blogger love.boxes said...

Peonies are my favorite! What a cute bunny friends you have. I hope you found a pocket solution. :)

8:27 PM, October 10, 2007  

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