Sunday, October 15, 2006

Great Green Gobs of ...yarn

Some of you may remember that I pledged to clean out my drawers by refashioning the clothing they contained. Well, as you can see, they're all cleaned out!
The celebration has been a little dampened, however, by the fact that I totally cheated in order to do it. I'm ashamed of the lack of refashioning I've done - in fact, I actually think I've added more to the clothes-that-need-work pile than I've taken out. When it came time to resubmit my name to the Wardrobe Refashion website, I felt it best to decline.
I finally decided I was wasting valuable real estate, and moved the clothes to a little-used (and kind of scary) closet in the back of the house. I'm still deciding what pile of stuff is going to take their place. oh- while we're here, please take note of the ladder outside the window, a symbol of the constant construction zone that is chez Petula.
One thing that did get refashioned was a very ugly purple, yellow and pink sweater from the Salvation Army. I harvested the wool from it, something I find strangely relaxing to do. Then I dyed some of the wool using a Kool-Aid/food coloring combo (if you haven't tried this, go here for more info - so very fun!). Then I untangled the dyed and dried yarn, wound it into a 2-ply ball, and it's now in the process of becoming a scarf.
The yellow that's shown is just what was leftover - the amount that was dyed made a very large tangly pile that I'm kicking myself for not photographing.


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

I thought you were conspicously absent from WR06! You abandoned us! Can I be the voice of reason and say -- toss it! do have more space than I, so maybe keep it for a little longer.
Gina | Homepage | 10.16.06 - 3:26 pm | #

what are you going to put in your empty bureau?
Anonymous | 10.16.06 - 6:29 pm | #

Your on stove photo styling is so fabulous! The colors! The clarity! I'm so inspired I want to knit from a green ball too!
mary jane | 10.17.06 - 7:00 am | #

That is some Petulaish cleverness!
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 10.17.06 - 10:29 am | #

5:50 PM, July 26, 2007  

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