Sunday, October 08, 2006

What a great idea!

This was featured on the cover of a Spinnerin "Head Hunters" pattern book I recently received. Stunning, no? It even came complete with a poem:

"If you want to go out,
But, have just set your hair-
Trim your curlers with pompons
And draw an envious stare(s)!!"

While I would like to debate the wisdom of disrupting the flow of the poem by adding the parenthetical pluralization, I think we all know that bad poetry is the least of the jaw-droppers that we are witness to here.
I'm taking this lemons-into-lemonade attitude to heart. Next time I'm headed to the supermarket and I can't be bothered to change out of my pajamas, I'm thinking that I might update this idea by wrapping myself with a string of Christmas lights and periodically sounding an air horn as I wander through the aisles. It may be my narcissism talking, but I doubt the stares that I draw will be any less envious than hers were.


Anonymous Old comments saved from HaloScan exodus said...

The christmas light idea has been working really well for me for years. After reading some magazine that discussed hints to help disguise body flaws by drawing attention to one's assets, I've been wearing a christmas light "boa" every time I shop. It really works. Not one person has mentioned my hips or thighs. Because I believe in "understatement", I did pass on the airhorn.
dianne stevenson | 10.09.06 - 7:21 am | #

I don't know about the pom-pom curlers, but I definately envy the eye makeup. Lancome Fatale can't hold a candle to those lashes!
Gina | Homepage | 10.09.06 - 4:46 pm | #

OOOH, I think I have been inspired my 10 year old wants to be a vampire prom queen for Halloween,and I think I just found the make-up plot.
jungle dream pagoda | Homepage | 10.09.06 - 9:39 pm | #

A lot of people don't know that the word "pom-pom" is actually an ancient Swahili word that means "I look really foolish and should be shot".

Or I could maybe have recently made that up. :D
Beth | Homepage | 10.10.06 - 8:53 pm | #

Stunning, thank god for the Clover Pom Pom maker. I think I'll go all out and cover myself entirely with pompoms.
mary jane | 10.12.06 - 10:40 am | #

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