Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm Back!

Not that you knew I was gone due to my being an ill-mannered blogger who didn't tell you I was going on vacation - sorry about that!

Anyway, we just got back from a tour of the old country to see the land of Davis' people and to pay our respects to his heritage:

We had a great time in Michigan.

If the mid-west looks a little different than you expected, it's because that photo was taken at the Dutch Village theme park in Holland, Michigan.

Davis is from Grand Rapids, so we went on a pilgrimage to visit his very large family there (he has seven brothers and sisters!). I only have one sibling, so it can be a little intimidating but they always welcome me with open arms and make me feel like one of the family.
Here's a photo of me peeking out of a window in the house where he was raised:

Well, maybe not the actual house he was raised in, but it's pretty close to the same size. I don't know how they did it at the time, but it seems to have worked out well - they're still a close-knit bunch who have a great time together. Every time we go there's a big boisterous family party that goes on well into the wee hours....or so I'm told... I always poop out long before the rest of them do.

I hope to post some more pictures from our travels shortly, but first I need to spend some time unfunking our refrigerator. Two weeks of being sealed up with aging perishables has led to some rather unappetizing aromas.

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