Monday, October 15, 2007

Petula's Pushing Pushing Daisies

I was hoping to get some photos of my latest finished object to show you, but it involves a reluctant model and scheduling problems. If I keep on waiting for it to happen it'll be New Years by the time I post again, so I offer you this instead....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketForgive me, but I can't help waxing poetic
about a show that's so sweet you'll become diabetic.
The show Pushing Daisies is the story of Ned,
a good natured guy who raises the dead.

It sounds like it's creepy, but really it's not.
It's pretty and funny and it has a lot
of moments so charming they might make you cry,
and, best of all, it's got plenty of pie.

Ned runs The Pie Hole and does all the baking
when he's not solving crimes by magically making
dead people talk and tell what occured
that led to them needing to now be interred.

He asks them to tell of their recent attack,
then, after one minute, Ned sends them back.
There is one exception - a cute gal named Chuck,
who had quite a bout of very bad luck.

Chuck was Ned's sweetheart when he was a boy,
and seeing her now brought him so much joy
that he went ahead, ignored each misgiving,
and let once-dead Chuck remain with the living.

It dreamily floats like a fine fairy tale,
due to narration by the winning Jim Dale.
It's quirky and funny and quite surreal,
with a great retro look and Amelie feel.

It's rich with kitsch and pleases with ease,
with synchronized swimming, and exotic cheese,
and men who knit cozies to relieve stress,
and petticoats under many a dress.

This show is the loveliest thing on tv,
so give it a try and I'm sure you'll agree
that it's a mood mender, a stopper of snarling.
Signed, your tv critic, Petula Darling.

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