Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summertime Blues (and pinks)

Look at the lovelies that Davis brought home for me from the almost-free-store this week! They make me happy every time I look at them.
Thrifting has been rather hit or miss this season, but I suppose that's always the case. These were enough of a hit to balance out a plethora of misses.

In crafty news: I'm happy to report that I will not need to post a photo of me in my skivvies on July 11th (see the previous post if that needs explaining).
I've been working on a circle skirt that is 75% finished and is just hanging up waiting for a hem. It's a little plain so I may need to put some spiffy pockets on it or something, but the important thing is that I will be spared underwear-revealing humiliation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Petticoat Challenge

Remember how I whined in the previous post about how I have run out of petticoat-friendly outfits?

Well, I'm about to do something out of character:
stop whining and do something about it.

Gina has a similar dilemma, so we've issued a challenge: we have given ourselves one month to each sew a petticoat-friendly skirt.

And, because we have a shared history of shirking similar challenges, we've added a bit of insurance to keep us on task: we shall each wear our skirts in public on the due date, whether finished or not.
If that means going to work wearing a crumpled tissue-paper pattern piece taped onto a petticoat, so be it. If you're gonna shirk, you've got to pay the piper (or something like that).

Friday, June 08, 2007

Petticoat Days Are Here Again

I had a wedding to attend last weekend which caused a bit of a clothing crisis. I'm always convinced I have nothing to wear, but this time was more of a dilemma than usual - I still have a few vacation pounds to take off which rendered some garments unbuttonable.

Fortunately it was an evening wedding, so black was acceptable, and I was able to wear this new-but-vintage-looking skirt and my dear, dear petticoat.
note: warm weather is slow in getting to Maine, but I did not actually wear a turtleneck (unfortunately), despite how it looks in the picture. The day was sunny and in the high 70s, but just before the big event there was a rain shower. The weather turned so chilly I would have been glad to have had a turtleneck as well as a snowsuit. I still had a great time, I just needed to do some extra twirling to stay warm.

My latest dilemma is that I now need more petticoat-appropriate frocks!

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