Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It's so nice to cross something off one's to-do list isn't it? And it's extra nice when that something is "write a novel"!
Of course, the whole thing becomes a bit less of a triumphant experience when the item is crossed off not because it's a completed task, but rather because it has become clear that it's never ever going to get done, and it's best to just be realistic and move on.
Ever since I was a child I thought I might like to write a novel. I had a romantic notion of living in a garret in Paris and scribbling with a quill deep into the night, pausing occasionally to argue about philosophical matters with my friends and fellow writers in the local cafe. Well it turns out that I don't want to actually write a novel - I want to have already written it. I want the glory of being able to say that I wrote a book without actually doing any of the writing. It turns out that even when I have an idea for a story, I have absolutely no desire to toil away filling in the details.
I do still want to live in Paris though.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Slow-mo NaNoWriMo

word count=2,837
times I've said "I'm quitting"=3
times I've thought "I'm quitting"=42*
videos watched on youtube while trying to "find my muse"=70
favorite video involving a rabbit befriending a deer= this one

*make that 43

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